Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones

Dubai has gained the recognition of the most stable as well as fastest growing economy around the globe. The Dubai government has always encouraged foreign investors and made it more customer friendly for foreign entities to invest in the thriving market. Such is the initiation of Dubai Freezone or Dubai Free Trade Zone. Company formation in Dubai freezone, can be a very suitable opportunity for a new venture with a limited capital and an urge to have liberty in regularity and benefits on taxation. A Business Setup in Dubai Freezone offers 100% ownership and no obligations of having a sponsor or collaboration with an UAE national, complete tax exemption, confidentiality of your business, banking facilities are allowed, no restrictions on liquidating of the business activity. You can also own properties in under Dubai Freezone Business setup that may include warehouses, areas of production and assembly for over 25 years on lease, with fair renewal fees.

Under Dubai Freezone Company Formation there are various facts an investor needs to get acquainted with, such as documentation, paperwork, governmental regime and other legalities. To avoid the problems mostly encountered while launching a freezone enterprise in the Dubai, the best option to get management consulting assistance from Asnaad Business Setup Providers. What are the necessary measures for a business setup in Dubai freezone? How much will be Dubai freezone company setup cost? What are the procedures for a freezone company registration in Dubai? Will it be feasible to have a Dubai freezone company setup? If your mind is boggled with such questions get in touch with a consulting expert from Asnaad Consultancy now!

At Asnaad, our efficient advisories and consultant experts will edify you with all the coerces involved in Freezone Business Setup in Dubai, with professional competence and minimal cost. Asnaad Business Setup consultants, are a fully independent company that works in alliance with several governmental organizations to make things easy for you. Our team provides a source of real value to our clients that is difficult to replicate. Asnaad develops advanced strategies and practice-tested business tactics and operating solutions for companies seeking sustainable growth in Dubai Freezone.


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Avenues for Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai with Asnaad:

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) :Jebel Ali Freezone, also known as Jafza is one of the initial freezone setups in Dubai. The freezone is situated on the far western end of Dubai with standard size office units and warehouses to provide ready built facilities to customers. It is also known for its immense security system.

Dubai Airport Free Zone : Dubai Airport Freezone also called as Dafza was planned by the Dubai government to drive economy. Dafza one of the fastest growing freezone with a spurring economy in the region contributing broadly in the GDP of the country.

Dubai Knowledge Village : Dubai Knowledge Village consists of companies related to human resource management, professional learning and educational institutes. It is an initiative made by TECOM Investments.

TECOM Free Zone: Tecom freezone is a subsidiary of Dubai Holding registered, nominated and assigned the accountability of managing the commercial aspects of the business within the free zone as per the rules and regulations given by DTMFZA (Dubai Technology and Media Freezone Authority)

Know the Important aspects of Dubai Free Zones

Dubai Free Zone Rewards: Dubai freezone offers major benefits and better operating conditions with regards to regulations involved in comparison to all the UAE freezones. The rewards involved are: No personal income tax or capital gain tax, 100% foreign ownership, 0% corporate taxes, no duties on import or export, 100% expulsion of capital and profits, modern and updated communications facilities, liberal labor laws, no recruitment glitches, attractive working environment, no currency restrictions, no obligations on foreign exchange, exceptional support services, east land leasing facilities provided for investor development, pre-built warehouse / factory / office accommodation units for lease, executive office as well as Business center for lease, huge link of transportation – air, sea and road, favorable cost of living, abundant and inexpensive energy.

Procedure of Business Setup in Free Zone: The set of law applied during a company formation in a freezone jurisdiction can vary from freezone to freezone. However, most of the businesses are free to regulate under any freezone. The decision and segregation entitling whether a company can be formed under a freezone is based on the activity of business conducted. While setting up a freezone company the categories under which a company can be formed are:

Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone

Branch of a foreign company (outside of the UAE) or a branch of an offshore company (if free zone authority permits)

Free Zone Establishment/Company (FZE/FZC/FZ LLC) – Multiple owners

FZE or FZC are limited liability entities owned by an individual or corporate entity – Single owner

Nature of Business allowed in Free Zone: Every freezone is designated for a special purpose, there are very few restrictions although the UAE government has made it as in a way to have maximum number of alike business setup under particular jurisdiction. This way it makes it easier to assemble the necessary requirement of a particular sector together. For instance, the Dubai Media City is equipped with organization such as broadcasting, media sectors, advertising, public relations publishing and more whereas Jebel Ali Freezone offers sectors such as trading, import and export, packaging, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, processing, assembling, consolidation, storage and more.

Restrictions in Dubai Free Zone: The Dubai freezone gives limitless options of doing business with unbelievable benefits, though there is one important factor of restriction in Dubai Freezone. Companies under Dubai Freezone, are not allowed to do business inside the country and are only limited to their jurisdiction. As per the UAE rules no freezone company can directly buy/sell within UAE. But with Asnaad we have a solution for you! If you would like to trade within UAE, you can open a ‘branch company’ by getting into an agreement with a local agent and still have 100% ownership. At Asnaad, we become your local agent opening avenues of business for you and keeping your transactions protected at all times.

Economical attributes of Dubai Free Zone: The business setup cost in a freezone cannot be defined as it may vary from company to company, the business activity would act as a deciding factor, stating what are the requirements and licenses for the company. The attributes deciding the economical aspect of a freezone company are: Business Activity, Budget of the Business Setup, allocating staff and manpower, Visa requirements, Size of the business setup - industry, land, warehouse, office space, etc, Licensing and documentation, Other requirements (depending on the activity) Nevertheless, it can be mention that the minimum investment needs to be AED 150, 000. This is not a definite cost – Contact Asnaad Consultancy and know the exact cost of a business setup under Dubai Freezone.