Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

business setup in dubai

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland is every entrepreneur’s dream. Dubai – renowned for having a dynamic commerce is unlike its counter parts. Surprising fact is that distinct from various other emirates, Dubai’s wealth was not generated from oil assets and natural reservoirs.


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The ‘city of gold’ earned it from a diversified economy – which include industrialization, manufacturing, trade and tourism among numerous other sectors that the commercial capital has to offer. Dubai has also embarked the status of a fastest growing economy in the world – with trading being the main factor that has aided the economy mainly from China, India and United States. With an ever-growing economy and competitive market, setting up a business in Dubai Mainland, could be a rewarding experience. Business Setup in Dubai mandates a premeditated plan in order to achieve the long term goals set by the company as well as optimize the resources present towards building a business effectively. Thus, if you have been considering to be a part of this booming economy and are questioning yourself; how to set up a business in Dubai? What are the legalities involved to start business in Dubai?

Get in touch with Asnaad Consultancy, a leading business setup company in Dubai, that does not only guide you with business setup services in Dubai and around UAE but also provides assistance with business management and related issues. You do not need to have over-achieving degree in Business Administration or even any previous business experience to get started. Armed with research in your area of business and an advisor from Asnaad, you can take the leap towards setting up company in Dubai.

Asnaad Business Setup Service Providers helps you generate strategic insights with regards to business management in Dubai. We also provide you solutions for setting up business in Dubai with execution capabilities and practical recommendations based on current laws and regularities. Our advisors are well-versed with Dubai market trends and know about procedures of Dubai business setup and company registration in Dubai. At Asnaad Business Setup Consultancy, we set global standards and adopt principles that combine corporate governance with high accountability and responsiveness. We are highly committed to long term relationships with our associates and clients, that has made us survive the industry over a decade. Asnaad Consultancy advisory services assures to get the exact solution to all your business related challenges and company formation problems. We also offer business restructuring recommendation related to llc company formation in Dubai, development strategies to grow your business and make a market presence, economic impact analysis, market and feasibility analysis, business economic related consulting, UAE governmental services or collaboration with other regulatory bodies, etc.

Rewards of engaging in a business activity in Dubai Mainland

Business prospects in Dubai: Dubai offers pro-business governmental policies as well as liberal regulatory environment that makes the ‘city of gold’ one of the top-notch venues in the world to conduct business. Dubai has enormous diversified business prospects, that has brought this commercial hub on the global front. The region has established itself as a great economic force, attracting a huge number of organizations, entrepreneurs and investors to set up their businesses here.

Dubai economy: Dubai has known to have a diversified economy not limited to oil reserves. After an economic downfall between 2008 – 2009, Dubai gained its recognition of being a wealthy city once again in 2014 with an amazing growth rate of over 6% and became the fastest growing economy in the world providing trade relations with multiple countries in the world. In the recent times trading and tourism have emerged as an important aspect to boost the country’s economy.

Dubai Taxation: People are bound to pay various taxes in any country they live but not in UAE. The country has established a reputation of being largely tax-free, while Dubai offers further benefits. UAE does not levy income tax on personal money or capital gains. Compulsions such as tax return filing are exempted, whereas there is no reporting obligation to claim the tax exemption. Moreover, there is a freedom on withholding taxes, also foreign exchange control restrictions on remittance of savings outside of UAE are no levered.

Company Formation and Registration in Dubai: Dubai is referred as the ‘City of Gold’, as the city houses nearly 250 gold shops but this is not just limited to gold. The city gives a gigantic list of option under company formation. Every Business setup in Dubai Mainland, needs to take care of the hurdles such as guaranteed local partner, getting a green signal from various departments, licenses, immigration, getting visa and PRO facilities; however, in comparison with the other emirates Company Formation and Registration in Dubai has less stringent rules as well as the legal formalities are more liberal.

Expo 2020: Dubai has won the prestigious opportunity to host the most awaited , which will give an amazing boost to its economy, and is expected to create thousands of business avenues. This has encouraged more and more investors have a Business setup in Dubai. With an aim to expand the Dubai Expo 2020 experience the Dubai government is making sure to pool in huge investment in every sector be it infrastructure, innovation, technology and more. If all these rewards have motivated you, to know how to start a business in Dubai – then contact Asnaad Consultancy today!

Some of the prominent location for company formation in Dubai are as follows:

Downtown Dubai : Creating exemplary landmarks and Business Setup modules for hospitality and leisure industry, the Downtown Dubai offers a mixed-use complex under the flagship of Emaar. Previously known as Downtown Burj Dubai, the area houses the various attractions with million visitors each year.

International City : An emerging venue for the Property and Real Estate Business, the International City offers affordable options for company formation. Currently the retail sector is also at boom, the rise is due to 100 percent occupation.

Jumeirah Lake Towers : A collaboration of five skyline buildings named as Jumeriah Business Centre at the world-class Jumeriah Lake Towers provides much-more than company setup. The 46-floor buildings are surrounded with residential and retail sectors offering mix-culture business setup options in Dubai. Options of Mainland Business Setup and Free Zone Business Setup – both are available.

Sheikh Zayed Road : Sheikh Zayed Road is an iconic stench housing elevated constructions and expansive connectivity – both roadways and the RTA facilitated Metro and Bus services in Dubai. Sheikh Zayed Road offers plenty of business setup possibilities and connects the old and the new expansion such as the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Dubai Waterfront.

Business Village Accommodating the SME’s (small and medium enterprise) of Dubai – which are the commercial core, the Business Village is an ideal place for Start-ups. Business Setup in this area is swift and convenient as it houses several governmental agencies and financial institutions. Business Village is situated near the famous Landmark Clock Tower, one of the bustling areas in Dubai.