Business Setup in Fujairah Free Zones

Business Setup in Fujairah Free Zones

Business Setup in Fujairah's Free Zone

Business setup in Fujairah Free Zone provides a favorable environment, especially for trading as the region is one among the world’s largest oil storage sector – creating oil trading opportunities connecting all the important Arabian Gulf ports along with the Indian Ocean. Asnaad Consultancy in Dubai – providing business setup services and advisories on company formation all over UAE, has catered to several trading and other sectors in the Fujairah Free Zone. As per the Global Trade Development report, trading – importing, exporting or re-exporting in Fujairah Free Zone was estimated over Dh8.4 billion in 2014, describing the huge amount of trading activities taking place every year. Fujairah Free Zone is situated around 130km from the commercial hub – Dubai; and also is located close to the Fujairah International Airport. Another important mention is that the Fujairah Free Zone is one of the oldest freezone setups in the country housing several renowned companies regulating for several years. Fujairah Free Zone is flourishing with maritime sectors and is the petrochemical hubs of UAE.


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There is a substantial amount of business related to the oil-bunkering terminal located within the freezone, apart from this the Fujairah Free Zone Authority in the region has recently started flourishing the real estate and the tourism of the Emirate. The Fujairah Free Zone Authority also plans to expand the number of food and metals companies along with processing and storage businesses operating within the Fujairah Free Zone. Fujairah Free Zone company setup with Asnaad Consultancy provides you with easy company formation facilities. Asnaad takes care of everything from Fujairah Free Zone company formation and registration to acquiring your Fujairah Free Zone trade license and more. We have also provided conveniences to collaborate making more commercial and industrial investments for you with a help of a local agent. Asnaad also accommodates your governmental requirements and judicial permissions. The Fujairah Free Zone contributes around 70 to 75 percent towards the annual government revenue. Come be a part of this petrochemical hubs of UAE with Asnaad Consultancy!

Key attributes of Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup:

Major Trading Sector: The prime location of the Fujairah Free Zone with the increasing maritime occupational had made trading extremely suitable. Moreover, it has initiated non-trading countries also to engage in various activities creating business opportunities for setting up business in Fujairah Free Zone and increase in the economy.

Convenient Infrastructure: The Fujairah Free Zone, creates plentiful infrastructural options for industries having option of pre-built units with regards to Assembly, Distribution and Manufacturing units. Trading - offices available for import, export, re-export. Furnished or unfurnished, warehousing, storage, and packaging facilities available.

Boon for Transport and Logistics: An ideal place for transportation and logistics, Fujairah Free Zone imports, exports and re-exports – directly, with the availability of sending the goods to any part of the world. The goods handling costs also are extremely affordable given the fact that they don’t not need to be taken from place to another for storage purposes.

Easy Employment Rules: In Fujairah Free Zone, the employment rules are less complicated providing reduced restriction in the process of appointment. The Fujairah Free Zone Authority and Fujairah Free Zone license also assures security of the Company and the Employees rights making measures for the suitability of both the partiers. There is also flexibility in working hours and holiday structure.