Business setup in Sharjah Airport Free Zone

Business setup in Sharjah Airport Free Zone

Business setup in Sharjah Airport Free Zone provides a multipurpose module creating business setup options with the most cost-effective conducts and least bureaucratic procedures in UAE. Sharjah Airport International Free Zone which is also known as the SAIF zone promotes SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises), especially for investors with limited budget. Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is the largest growing trade zones in the world with a well-connected port and air network, providing the firms at SAIF Zone with vast international business opportunities. There are over 7,600 companies from 149 countries with major investors from Asians countries. SAIF Zone proposes benefits such as 100 percent exemption from import and export duties and other customs and tax advantages but setting up a company in Sharjah Airport Free Zone, is extremely beneficial mainly because of its least governmental procedures. With Asnaad Consultancy, avail Licenses for starting units and business ventures within 24 hours of application unlike any other freezones in UAE.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF)

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Moreover, the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone company setup bids on value-added facilities like processing, finishing, assembling and packaging units, pre-built manufacturing amenities, SAIF Desk for such entrepreneurs with limited sources and SME’s. Sharjah Airport Freezone also connects with three ports and with the Dubai International Airport located close by, there is a prospect on reduction in the handling charges for goods, making it preferable for trading sectors – being United States, China and India as the biggest traders. Furthermore, SAIF Zone is known for scorching the maximum FDI in manufacturing, logistics, IT, pharma and other sectors. It has already attracted big players like Infosys and Wipro. So, if you are thinking of setting up company in Sharjah Airport Free Zone, then contact Asnaad Consultancy, as we deliver you the best ways for Sharjah Airport International Free zone company formation, cost and regulatory measures in business setup, taking care of all the governmental procedurals and requirements.

Rewards on Business Setup in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone:

Major Connectivity: Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, provides major connectivity options for private as well as for business efficiency. Connecting three large ports with Sharjah International Airport situated right next to it, the Dubai International Airport is also in the closest proximity.

Limited-Budget options: Entrepreneurs opt for Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, when it comes to an affordable business setup. There is no compulsion of having an office to conduct a business in SAIF Zone. There are also choices such as SAIF Desk under which one can have even two more visa for two years, making it the best and cost-effective possibility for your business setup!

Multipurpose Module: SAIF Zone, is known for its versatile business module catering sectors such as trading, manufacturing, tourism, logistics, import/ export, IT, pharma and others. The region is renowned of creating multipurpose opportunities for entrepreneurs around the globe.

Least Bureaucratic Dealings: Freezone Registration for incorporating business at Sharjah Airport International Free Zone can be done in few simple steps. Application with the required documents is submitted to the Marketing and Sales Department → the documents are reviewed → the authority issues an approval letter for the applicant → the legal proceedings along with lease certificate is submitted → the business license for Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is issued. All of this can be completed in 24 hours.

SAIF-Friendly Business: The SAIF Authority has a customer-friendly approach towards business setup in the region. Along with simplified licensing and registering procedures, SAIF-Friendly Business provides facilities such as issuing to the applicants’ documents within 24 hours, hotline communication service, offering operational 7 days a week and more.