Business Setup in UAE

Business Setup in UAE

Business Setup in UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers a highly dynamic and continuously evolving market with an emerging economy. Business setup in UAE can be a tuff decision, especially if you are a foreign entity interested in establishing a formal presence in the UAE market. Thus if you find questioning yourself, whether you have made the right decision – get in touch with us. We at Asnaad Consultancy have got the zeal that will get you through the rough patches and keep you focused towards making your dream of setting up a business in UAE a reality. The UAE government has been very keen on foreign investor and encourages business setup in UAE. There are various perks that a UAE market has to propose, those are – no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no foreign exchange controls, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, benefits for foreign investors, region-wise benefits, etc.


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It does not just limit here, setting up a business in UAE, will also lead you to independence, great control, global exposure and perhaps more rewarding as well. However, running your UAE business setup is an incessant process which can be challenging and risky all through. So before you invest your time and life savings into your business idea, Contact Asnaad Business Setup Service Providers to fully understand what it takes to be a successful business owner in the UAE market. At Asnaad, we provide you excellent customized consulting approach, assistance with governmental documentation and contracting work, UAE company registration process, steadfast solutions on long-term results, options of sustainability and growth in your business, partnership with locals and international clients and flexibility in business approaches. Your money is important to us; we work in the best of your interest to save as much as possible on UAE business setup cost, proving collectively cost-effective to you.

Under the UAE Commercial Companies Law companies have been categorized as per their regulatory measures and are segregated for better growth and consideration. There are various options, such as – a civil company (only in Sharjah and Dubai), branch offices, a Freezone Business Setup in UAE, or you can get into a commercial agency agreement for a UAE or a Dubai Mainland Business Setup or even have an UAE Offshore Company Formation. The choices are multiple and the choice is completely yours, let us help you make the best choice.

Contact Asnaad Business Setup Consultancy - the finest UAE business setup consultancy in Dubai and let our business advisories recognize and deal with the challenges for you. We will take care of all your formalities related to company formation and registration, building a business legal structures, finding a suitable office space, opening local bank account, PRO and document clearance, employment procedure and visa processing for your staff, project management and others barricades – while you can completely concentrate on your business.

Know the different types Business Setup in UAE:

UAE and Dubai Mainland Business Setup

A business set-up in UAE or Dubai Mainland is one of the most prominent options that UAE market has to offer. Mainland segregates the company under a protuberant jurisdiction. The process of obtaining a mainland license can be comparatively tedious with several restrictions, however there are also several benefits that a set-up in UAE mainland can help your business flourish.

Free Zone Business Setup in UAE

A Freezone Business Setup in UAE offers you 100% ownership but there are few considerations while opting for a Freezone Business Setup here. Understanding the business type and activity is the most important one. It defines whether a company is suitable to be set-up under a Freezone. Moreover, the activity of the business, number of owners and their nationality as well as the ownership options will also be a deciding factor for a Freezone Business Setup in UAE.

Offshore Company Formation

One of quickest and easy way to incorporate a company, Offshore Company Formation in UAE offers several perks to foreign entities wanting to set-up a business here. However, an Offshore Company is not permitted to trade in UAE neither can rent an office. To find out more contact Asnaad Consultancy

Why do you need to set up a Business in UAE?

Economic Welfares: Thousands of international companies, transnational corporations and holding structures, carry out their commercial and economic activities in the United Arab Emirates. Known as one of the wealthiest countries in the World, UAE offers vivid economic benefits not just limited to huge investors but also to small and medium level enterprises. The economic structure of UAE is such that could motivate any businessman. Ask us how – contact Asnaad Business Setup Service Providers and let us edify you about the economic welfare this wealthy land has to offer.

Strategic Location: There could not be a more strategic location than the UAE, situated in the middle of the gigantic trade routes - Europe, Asia and Africa. Right from the ancient times, UAE has acted as a major trade route for these countries - offering import and export activities at minimum costs with benefits on duty and tax. With the expansion and modern transport system in the current era, UAE is able to connect the entire world. Contact Asnaad Consultancy – and let us place you on the UAE map!

Rapid Development: The United Arab Emirates is a newly developed nation, the country found its fortune after the discovery of oil reserves and fossil fuel. In the recent years, there has been a shift in the development module, the UAE has now become a major international hub of commercial activities. UAE is known for its dynamic development techniques – one of the leading trading sector and making a mark in the field of tourism. Moreover, huge foreign investors that flock from various parts of the world contribute immensely to many large-scale projects creating active development of the country. Be a part of this development, contact advisories of Asnaad.

Seven Administrative Entities: The UAE is an amalgamation of Seven Emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Each of this Emirate is ruled by a separate ruler giving the leverage to them to form various administrative units. Every unit specifies its own unique features and benefits on conducting a business activity. Some are more suitable for one trading or shipping business activities, while others could have more favourism towards tourism industry. It completely depends on the nature of your business setup – contact Asnaad to know which Emirate would suit your business activity the best.

Improved Rules and Regulations: From the prospective of setting up a business, the United Arab Emirates in comparison to various foreign countries offers attractive rules and regulation. According to the applied rules of UAE Commercial Companies Law and the directives of the Department of Economic Development – business in UAE has always been flourishing. The UAE government designed laws encouraging foreign investor, making approachable options of setting up business in UAE.