Offshore Company formation in UAE

Offshore Company formation in UAE

Offshore Company formation in UAE

If you do not intend to do business within country, but still consider owning a company here then an Offshore Company formation in UAE, is a right option for you. UAE enjoys a long-stand repute for being a tax-free haven for businessmen around the world. With secure regularities, international banking possibilities and convenient company formation, a large number of offshore company registration in UAE is witnessed every year. At Asnaad Consultancy, we help you find quick and cost-effective setup solutions with no residency requirements and 100 percent tax-free operations in various regions across UAE. Asnaad Consultancy also assist you with consultation on offshore companies in jurisdictions which include Jebel Ali, the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority and the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone.


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Offshore Company allows 100 percent foreign ownership and the ability to open bank accounts in the Emirates. It also gives you immense feasibility in ownership of property in the UAE and overseas. Another beneficial point is that you do not need to disclose your wealth and other details while formation of the company – as the process underlined is quick and easy. Offshore Company formation in UAE is suitable for international business abiding to various other investment reasons and given the fact that majority of residents are expatriates an offshore investment could be an appropriate decision for you. Ask an expert from Asnaad Consultancy, as we help you take the right decision.

RAK offshore company Formation

With Asnaad you can form a RAK offshore company formation in the easiest and quickest ways. We offer you incorporation of an offshore company in Ras Al Khaimah Offshore where taxation is subdued, and reporting restrictions far more flexible than its counterparts.

Benefits of Offshore Company formation in UAE

Incentives on Taxation: UAE has designed favourable excise incentives providing tax-free option to entrepreneurs forming offshore companies. The agenda to do so is to promote healthy environment to attract foreign investment.

Protection of property: Individuals wanting to restructure their ownership assets also consider setting an offshore company in UAE. Offshore Company formation in UAE provide them with safeguarding themselves in case of lawsuits or outstanding debts. A portion of the property is transferred to people or a legal entity creating avenues that are unsusceptible to seizure.

Discretion of Entity: UAE gives the benefit of secrecy while forming an offshore company in UAE. The country provides strict corporate laws and banking confidentiality, that allows a businessman to keep his company hidden. It could be mentioned that while forming an offshore company the judicial bodies will allow identity disclosure in case of illegal activities.

Security in Business: UAE offers secure investment opportunities for offshore companies, with several large enterprises capitalizing their funds in these jurisdiction. Contact an advisory from Asnaad Consultancy and ask the benefits of Offshore Company formation in Dubai and around UAE – ways to protect your assets, real estate planning, business dealings and more.